Validate ideas in a Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is a focused, five-day process to quickly solve big problems by gather insights on your users, prototype ideas and validate them.

One of the trickiest properties of an idea is that it lives in your head; where anything is possible. Implementing that idea untested is an expensive gamble if it’s based on assumptions that turn out to be wrong. Solution? Research, Refine, Prototype and test that idea in a 5 day Design Sprint.

A selection of experts from our Startship team and external ones, will form the team to perform the Sprint in 5 days.

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Questions first?

Build and test a prototype

Kickstart your idea

Within 5 days you will know whether it’s a good idea and if not, what it is is lacking

Goldilocks quality

Create a prototype with just enough quality to evoke honest reactions from customers.

Get buy-in from stakeholders

On the first day well involve your relevant stakeholders by listening to their vision

“We’ve found that magic happens when we use big whiteboards to solve problems. As humans, our short-term memory is not all that good, but our spatial memory is awesome. A sprint room, plastered with notes, diagrams, printouts, and more, takes advantage of that spatial memory. The room itself becomes a sort of shared brain for the team.”

― Jake Knapp, Google Ventures

Validate ideas for business value

  • Validate your ideas and for actual impact

  • Foster an innovation culture in your team

  • Align your team to join forces on the same features

    Get valuable live feedback from your users and take action

A tested prototype in 5 days?

Yes, in five days time a team of your and our experts, will answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing:

Day 1 - Understand

The team comes together to explore the business problem from all angles. You’ll create shared knowledge and essentially unite under a shared brain.

Day 2 - Sketch

Anything is possible. Participants in the Design Sprint should explore all possible solutions to their user problems.

Day 3 - Decide

Time to review all ideas and vote for the best options as a team.

Day 4 - Prototype

Prototyping and testing without investing a lot of time, money, or resources.

Day 5 - Validate

The moment of truth. Your team will finally get to see live users interact with their ideas and hear direct feedback from your target audience.

Validate the big ideas you have!

Design Sprints will help you to solve big challenges, create new products, or improve existing ideas. The method, that compresses months of work into a few days, is developed and proven by Google Ventures.

Validate ideas with Design Sprint

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