About us

Startship was founded to help startups navigate those first crucial stages of their adventure. We have helped several startups to go from humble beginnings to becoming a serious players with multi million investments to back their growth.

Start small and grow big

Together we will identify your most important pitfalls and risks‚ guide you over obstacles and test ideas and validate solutions. We will help you take your first steps and guide you into your next phase to growth into a scale-up.

We got your back

Our facilitators, strategists and product designers will help you transform your idea into a venture that matters. Our tech team can help you build your first versions of your app, platform or any technology you need. We even help you create a team of your own and grow into a sustainable business.

Floris de Langen

Product Design Director

Harmen Struiksma

Product Designer & Sprint Facilitator

Roel van de Wal

Head of Growth

Joeri Langeveld

Business Strategy

Jeffrey Geleijn

Product & UX Designer

Daniel Eriksson

Sprint Facilitator

Enough talk, let's have a coffee

Come over for a coffee and tell us your story. We are nice people to talk to and we would love to give you a tour through our starship.

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