Build Products with a Development Sprint

The resources needed to get a real, live product usually exceed many startups assets. Be smart and allow us to be your CTO for a while.

You have validated your idea and your business model and now it is time to build your product. Good developers are scarce, but don’t wait until you have the the right people: let Startship help you. Our development teams are made of the right mix of programmers and designers. Using Scrum methods they will work in sprints on creating your product.

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Questions first?

Something big always starts small

Define your MVP

As a team we focus on your first version, the MVP - the Minimal Valuable version of your Product.

Build and test within weeks.

We build fast and iterative, so you can put a real product in the hands of real users, within weeks, instead of months.

Create, learn and improve

Use feedback to learn and improve you product. Keep adding value and grow your business.

"The absolute alignment of purpose and trust within Scrum teams is something that creates greatness.”

― Jeff Sutherland, founding father of Agile thinking

Reduce risks, build faster, grow sooner

  • Use our experienced team team

  • Build your MVP in a set amount of sprints

  • A real product in weeks not months

  • Learn fast and improve in cycles

Build your product in sprints

A development sprints lasts two weeks. During this sprint our team of experienced developers work build a real product that can be launched when the sprint is over. We start small and with each sprint we wil improve and expand the product.

Plan the sprint with our team

Join our team as a Product Owner and a set common goal for the next to weeks.

Let’s get busy

Our team builds what you have agreed upon. See how our team advances on a daily basis.

Real improvements, every two weeks

At the end of each sprint the team presents the progress they have made. All progress made is ready for launch, or not. You decide.

Real people, real collaboration

At the end of a sprint we use a Retrospective to review our collaboration. Together we will discover new ways to increase our efficiency.

Well begun is half done

Grow your startup with a well-built product. Use our experienced development team to get off on the right foot. Get a real product in the hands of your target audience and improve it with every sprint. Start validating and testing your product early and learn fast.





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