Feedback with User Testing

Learn all about how your target audience behaves by looking at your product through their eyes. Use your fresh insights to identify and fix gaps. Find new opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. 

Our user testing sessions enable you to engage your customers. Hear what they have to say and see what they do. Look over their shoulder and understand their behaviour.

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Questions first?

Stop the guesswork

Real customers, real insights

See how actual users really use your product. Gather real-time feedback to help you make the next move.

Fresh ideas and new features

Listen to your customers: hear what they want and need. Be inspired by their idea’s and hear what they are looking for.

Step out of your bubble

No more discussions and long meetings. Get to know your target audience and discover what motivates them.

“We know too much about our product to be objective judges: the features we have come to love and prefer may not be understood or preferred by the future customers.”

― Donald Norman, first ever UX designer at Apple.

Bring focus to your organisation

  • Align your product and organisation to the needs of your end-user

  • Raise customer awareness with your stakeholders and employees

  • Manage risks: test and get direct feedback on new functionality

  • Involve your target audience and discover new opportunities for growth

Slow down and listen

At Startship we have all the tools and the experience to interview and test your product with representatives of your target audience. We will provide all devices and structure needed for a good user testing session. You can actively participate or just observe and let us do the hard work.

Create a test scenario

Together we will make sure that you will get the answers you are looking for.

Find and recruit test subjects

We will make sure that you’ll get the right people for our user test sessions.

Use our lab and facilitators

Our dedicated testlab and facilitators create the right setting and make sure you’ll get the results you need.

Gather insights and process

Afterwards we will help you shift though the data and results and find the most valuable feedback.

Create a change game-plan

Using the feedback we gathered we’ll help you create a game plan. So you can keep on improving and growing.

Become user centric

Our specialised facilitators and facilities are available for your startup. Gain insights and gather idea’s by listening to your target audience with our focused User testing sessions. Grow your organisation and product around real value for the people that use and pay for your product.

Start testing with your users

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