Two young entrepreneurs had a plan to fill a gap in the transportation market. But where to start when you don’t have any experience building a digital service?


How does it work?

Brenger is an online platform that combines demand and supply of bulky goods transport. Brenger aims to transport furniture and other personal goods purchased on platforms like and auctioneers.

User Journey Workshop
Development sprint

A boosting collaboration

The two entrepreneurs of Brenger had an innovative idea but lacked the technical knowledge and skills to get there. This is where we could help. With the full range of startup services and a lot of experience we could advise them on a strategic level but also help them in a practical way. This formed the perfect base for a close collaboration.

Using unused space

Brenger connects transport requests to unused space in personal vehicles. In the Netherlands, a total of 1 million minivans drive around with half an empty trunk and individuals can not use that space to transport large items. They have to rent a minivan or hire a moving company. And that is expensive, inefficient and time consuming.

Validating the idea through a pitch-deck sprint

We started off by doing a user journey workshop to get a better understanding of the target audience. After which we sent these young entrepreneurs out to interview potential customers to validate the need for the service. We used the gathered input to further challenge the entire business case in detail. In a short amount of time we also design their initial brand identity and a mockup of the most important interfaces of the service we envisioned. We brought this all together in a stellar pitch-deck, with which they secured their first investment.

Platform development

In Development Sprints we designed and built a first version of their platform, with which they could serve their first customers. At that point it was still hard to match requests with available couriers, so the founders got their hands dirty doing some of the transporting themselves.

A few iterations further on the product, we had built a solid platform matching customer requests to available couriers and the platform got serious traction. This brought in more investments and the company was ready for serious growth.

Team design

The young company was ready to build a team of their own, so we helped getting the right CTO on board and begin a transition to get ownership of their technology. is now in full control of their platform and moving from start-up to scale-up.

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