We help startups build products fast

As a startup studio we team up with founders to design services, develop technology and build ventures.


To boldly go where no startup has gone before


You have an awesome idea, but you want to start making your first steps the right way. We will help you validate your ideas, challenge your business case, design your brand strategy and create your first prototype ready for user testing, fast.


Ready to start building? Together we will create a product roadmap and setup a team to help you build your first MVP of your product. Our experienced, in-house tech team is available for rapid prototyping or development sprints.


With the first release of your product your journey has only just began. We help you make the transition into the next phase of your startup and scale up to expand your reach and build your own team.



Two young entrepreneurs had a plan to fill a gap in the transporting market. But where to start when you lack the experience of building a digital service...

We are Startship

We are venture builder based in Amsterdam. We help startups shape the future, challenge the status quo and disrupt existing business models. We can increase the odds for (corporate) startups, create successful digital products and build sustainable ventures.